«Адал АС» supports workers

9 people who worked for many years and contributed to the stability of the enterprise were sent to rest in the Saryagash sanatorium.
The «Адал АС» company opened in Astana

On June 21, the long-awaited «Адал АС» store opened in Astana.
Thanks to everyone who came and supported us!
Now there is an opportunity to buy «Адал АС» products in Astana, we are waiting for you!
The «Адал Ас» company is recognized as the best!
The «Адал Ас» company took part in the exhibition-fair dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Shakarim University, and «Адал Ас» was recognized as the best among 10 enterprises!
«Адал Ас» company at Halal EXPO 2023
«Адал Ас» took part in the Halal EXPO 2023 exhibition in Almaty, this is another unforgettable experience for us!
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